vrijdag 8 oktober 2010

Ondernemerschap; the art of the start

Deze keer een video van Guy Kawasaki over het starten van je eigen onderneming. Erg inspirerende business evangelist van Apple;

Hierbij ook de samenvatting van deze inspirerende speech:

The Art of the Start – Guy Kawasaki

1. Make meaning;
- increase the quality of live
- right a wrong
- prevent the end of something wrong

2. Make a mantra (no mission statement!);
- use two or three words

3. Get going;
- think different
- polarize people
- find a few soul mates

4. Define a business model;
- be specific
- keep it simple
- ask women

5. Weave a MAT;
- milestones
- assumptions
- tasks

6. Niche thyself;
- postion yourself in the right 'corner' for Value to the customer and Ability to provide unique product or service
- High value, low ability = price competition
- High ability, no value = you're stupid
- Low ability, low value = dotcom business
- High ability, high value = your sweetspot

7. Follow the 10/20/30 rule;
- 10 slides in Powerpointpitch (title, problem, solution, business model, underlying magic, marketing and sales, competition, team, projections, status and timeline)
- 20 minutes pitch max!
- 30 point font (average age devided by two!)

8. Hire infected people;
- ignore the irrelevant
- hire better than yourself
- apply shopping centre test

9. Lower the barriers to adoption;
- flatten the learning curve
- don’t ask people to do something that you wouldn’t
- embrace your evangelists

10. Seed the clouds;
- let a hundred flowers blossom
- enable test drives
- find the true influencers

11. Don’t let the bozos grind you down!

Blog: blog.guykawasaki.com